Gruvor och metaller i omställningen till ett hållbart samhälle - En utställning om aktuella fakta och statistik


Projektet är en förstudien med syfte att öka kunskapen om gruvdrift, dess lokaler, med fokus på "nya" gruvområden, med liten eller ingen tradition för gruvdrift.

Description of work/Implementation 

Aims of the pre study are: - to increase knowledge of mining, its premises, with a focus on “new” mining areas, with little or no tradition of mining. - to lay the foundation of an interactive exhibition, Metals4U, for school children age 6-16, that is also interesting and available for the general public. - to over bridge one of the problems we see, the lack of information, only then we can keep the discussions on a higher level and reach well thought solutions. - to investigate ways to finance and organize Metals4U.

Project partners and stakeholders

The pre-study will be coordinated and managed by Dr. Lotta Sartz from Bergskraft, Mr Jan Ots of Georange and Mr Stefan Sädbom of Bergskraft will be co-coordinators and will participate in all parts of the work. The science centre of Luleå, Teknikens Hus, as well as Geological Survey of Sweden and the Federation of Swedish Farmers will allocate suitable persons to the project, these will be contributing with their time in kind. Participation and input from the private sector have been secured through Lovisagruvan AB.

The project is financed by Sweden’s Innovation Agency.

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