Adsorption of Cu(II) to schwertmannite and goethite in presence of natural organic matter. Appl. Geochem.

Jönsson, J., Lövgren, L., Sjöberg, S.
Water Research


Sorption processes involving secondary iron minerals may significantly contribute to immobilisation of metals in soils and surface waters. In the present work the effect of dissolved organic matter (DOM) from a concentrated bog-water on the adsorption of Cu(II) onto schwertmannite (Fe8O8(OH)6SO4) and goethite (α-FeOOH) has been studied. The acid/base behaviour of DOM up to pH 6 was explained by assuming a diprotic acid with a density of carboxylate groups of 6.90 μeq (mg C)−1. The resulting acidity constants, recalculated to zero ionic strength were 12 and 13 .

The uptake of DOM to schwertmannite and goethite was highest at low pH although adsorption was significant also under mildly alkaline conditions. Adsorption to the two minerals was similar although at high pH more DOM was adsorbed to schwertmannite than to goethite.

DOM enhanced the adsorption of Cu(II) at moderately low pH in the goethite system but there was no effect of DOM in the case of schwertmannite. The presence of Cu(II) resulted in a decreased adsorption of DOM to goethite at weakly acidic pH and increased adsorption at high pH. In the case of schwertmannite, Cu(II) did not affect DOM uptake.


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