Quantification of mineral weathering rates in mill tailings — Effect of sterilisation method

Investigation of repeated cycles of freezing and thawing effects on a clayey till used as sealing layer over sulphide-rich tailings at the Kristineberg mine, Northern Sweden

Sulphur and iron chemistry in a barrier system for the remediation of groundwater contaminated by AMD Kristineberg mine site northern Sweden.

Flooding of sulphidic mine tailings as a remediation method at Kristineberg northern Sweden

Quantification of mineral weathering rates in tailings from Impoundment 1, Kristineberg, northern Sweden

Temperature influence on the activity of acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans using a novel method for tailings sterilisation

Oxygen and water fluxes into a soil-cover remediated mil tailings deposit: evaluation of field data from the Kristineberg mine site, Northern Sweden

MiMi – Research to meet future demands

Modelling of mill tailings impoundment geochemistry and remediation

Biogeochemical processes in peat under variable flow conditions.

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