Quantification of mineral weathering rates in sulphidic mine tailings under water-saturated conditions.

Investigating the streaming potential phenomenon using electric measurements and numerical modelling with special reference to seepage monitoring in embankment dams.

Pit lakes from sulphide ore mining geochemical and limnological characterization before treatment after liming and sewage sludge treatments – case studies at Rävlidmyran and Udden Sweden.

Wetlands as a means to reduce the environmental impact of mine drainage waters.

Sulfidic mine waste microorganisms in an ecological context.

Biogeochemical processes in mill tailings: Modelling and assessment of remediation effects

Phase transformations and surface chemistry of secondary iron minerals formed from acid mine drainage.

Sulphide-rich tailings remediated by soil cover- Evaluation of cover efficiency and tailings geochemistry Kristineberg northern Sweden.

Experimental and theoretical investigations into the streaming potential phenomenon with special reference to applications in glaciated terrain.

Geochemical processes in sulphidic mine tailings: Field and laboratory studies performed in northern Sweden at the Laver, Stekenjokk and Kristineberg mine-sites

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