Iron isotope fractionation by biogeochemical processes in mine tailings

Iron isotope

Bacterial oxidation of ferrous iron at low temperatures

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) of epilithic material in streams has a potential for monitoring impact from mining

Arsenic remobilization from sediments contaminated with mine tailings near the Adak mine in Vasterbotten district (northern Sweden)

An attempt to use LA-ICP-SMS to quantify enrichment of trace elements on pyrite surfaces in oxidizing mine tailings

Arsenicicoccus bolidensis a novel arsenic reducing actinomycete in contaminated sediments near the Adak mine (northern Sweden): Impact on water chemistry

Environmental assessment of abandoned mine tailings in Adak, Västerbotten district (northern Sweden)

Precipitation of secondary Fe(III) minerals from acid mine drainage

Origin and distribution of low molecular weight organic acids and bacteria in a depth profile of a soil covered tailings impoundment in northern Sweden

Pilot scale studies of different covers on unoxidised sulphide-rich tailings northern Sweden: the geochemistry of leachate waters

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