Environmental Resarch

Georange Environmental Testsite (GEET)

In Sweden the research in the field of mining and the environment has been extensive during the past 15 years. The Kristineberg Zn-Cu mine was the main field site for a large multidisciplinary research programme, Mitigation of the Environmental Impact of Mining Waste (MiMi), which was operating in the years 1998-2004 as well as for the research performed during the first phase of Georange (2001-2006).

There is a number of tailings deposits, which have been subject to remediation using a variety of techniques selected depending on their topographic and hydrologic conditions. There is an extensive pre-reclamation database related to the site available. The reclamation started in 1996. Thanks to the local hydrology, there are favourable conditions to study the evolution of the quality of groundwater and surface water along a flow path.

One of the tailings at Kristineberg has been exceptionally well studied and there is detailed information on some of the other impoundments. The Rävlidmyran pit lake, Lake Hornträsket and the drainage water downstream of the Kristineberg mine site have also been studied in some detail.

As part of the Georange project, the effectiveness of dry cover systems on sulphide tailings is studied in pilot-scale test cells (5 x 5 x 3 m).The pilot-scale test cell system is a unique facility for longterm studies of different remediation methods, and has a potential far beyond the studies performed so far.

In all, the high-quality data available from previous studies, the variety of different types of compartments in the Kristineberg area and the pilot-scale test cells form an exceptional basis for future studies of mining and the environment. The necessary background information is already there, which makes fresh studies of new aspects and new remediation methods more efficient. The test site offers great opportunities for studying remediation methods, or methods for cleaning polluted water.

The results of all the different studies performed in the Kristineberg area are available through Georange Publication Database.


If you have questions regarding the research, please contact the GEET superintendent  - Lars Lövgren.